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"D" is a project i have started with some friends in year 2015, he is a sci-fi horror featured movie and i wrote the subject and the storyboard of the first trailer. I am also the Coordinator, 3D Artist, video editor and i have make the vfx of the first trailer "Violence".

In october 2015 we have started a crowdfounding campaign with IndieGoGo plattform and we failed.

Soon as possible we want to remake a new extended trailer and new crowdfounding campaign with Kickstarter plattform.

this is the first trailer and some screenshots.

i hope you like it

D. - like Death

D. It will bring you to an experience never made before in a 3D computer graphics movie. Born from an original story written specially for this project, it will exite you  through strong and explicit images.

D. is intended for an adult audience because present strong scenes and violent
combining a mix with horror and science fiction.

D. - like Dante

The Diamond project was born from the idea of ​​a science fiction horror revisit the Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri Opera.
The story will resume some deep basics of Divine comedy, not its history. The adventure will be set on the space station "Deep Space Diamond" in an opposite direction from that thought by Dante.
Below the list of the chapters:

  • Prologue
  • Chapter 01 - Heaven
  • Chapter 02 - Purgatory
  • Chapter 03 - Hell
  • Chapter 04 - The Divinity Advent
  • Epilogue
IMPORTANT NOTE: D. has nothing to do with religions or creeds. It will be set millennia into the future, with a human civilization totally different from what we know.
Dante was first and foremost an artist and this project is done by artists who believe in the power of creativity and storytelling.
Main team:

Thanks To:

  • Stefano Giove - Music Consultant
  • Luca Dalcò - Production Consultant (The Town Of Light)
  • Andrea De Marco - Consultant

Extended Team



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